How to Ride a Van Safe during Pandemic?

The world has been turned upside down in the pandemic, and people are afraid to use van rental services. However, sometimes it becomes inevitable to use van rental when you are required to travel on account of medical emergencies, business trips, or any other personal reasons. This blog focuses on educating you on safely using van rental services during the pandemic.

Extra precautions are required these days when you choose to travel using van rental. It would help if you were careful about what you touch, how many passengers are travelling, sanitising frequently, disinfecting the luggage and vehicles, etc.

Here is a list of things you can do while travelling using a van rental during the pandemic:

1.Limit the number of passengers

It makes sense to only travel when necessary but, more importantly, use a van rental with limited passengers. The pandemic Is unpredictable, and you should not let your guards down in such a phase. The world is still in the grips of the horrific Coronavirus, and we never know about the next wave that could cause further damage.

Travelling with limited people reduces the risk of exposure and can keep you safe. You also need to ensure that the passengers coming along practice the same precautions as you.

2. Disinfect

Disinfection of the van rental and the luggage is very important. Of course, people have become extra cautious, including the companies giving out van rentals. But it never hurts if you are a little extra careful.

Make sure to disinfect the van rental before you commence on your journey and also disinfect the luggage. You also need to practice the same amount of caution – during and after the journey.

3. Limit the number of stops

It is one thing to travel from point A to point B, but making multiple stops during the journey might be more dangerous. In doing so, you would risk exposing yourself to the chances of getting an infection.

Even when you need to stop, make sure that you do not touch anything unnecessarily and sanitise your hands. If you are stopping to refuel, then make sure that you avoid cash transactions. It would be wise to go digital now.

4. Take extra care of the touch area of the van rental

Certain areas are touched more frequently in the vehicle. It may be the dashboard, the car handles, the steering wheel, etc. You must be extra careful about such areas and sanitise them frequently. If you are getting out of the car and coming back, make sure that you clean the area with disinfectant immediately.

5. Opening the windows at regular intervals

Some studies show that if you let your windows open at regular intervals while driving for long hours, it would reduce the risk of getting infected from the Coronavirus. The study states that the virus can survive In the air for 3 to 4 hours and hence keeping good ventilation reduces the chance of getting infected.

Concluding Thoughts

It is understandable that sometimes travelling becomes necessary and cannot survive by getting locked down inside the homes. However, these trying times have forced us to be extra careful while travelling, especially when using van rental.

Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this article help you keep safe.

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Why It Makes Sense to Hire the Services of Removalists in Adelaide

Let us admit the fact that home removal is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are so many activities involved in the process and so many different kinds of resources have to be deployed. Handling all of these by an individual can be very difficult. And not many people would dare to do it. May be some enthusiastic guy or someone mindful to contain costs can try to do the packing on their own, but that too, not without the assistance of the removalists. While packing might seem to be comparatively an easier job to handle, it is one of the most important aspects of home moving because the safety of items would depend on the quality of packing. Those who do the packing on their own invest their time and labour while being guided by the removalists for all other professional help.

Only removalists can do it

It is always beneficial to entrust the end to end job of moving home to the removalists.  They are professionals who have trained manpower, tools and tackles and all other resources like transportation and storage facilities that you can access to make the move smooth and free from any hassles. Since your home belongings are valuable to you regardless of its worth to others, you would definitely like to ensure safe delivery of items at the new location which only removalists can ensure. You simply initiate the process by explaining your plan for moving to the removalists outlining your needs and expectations and leave the rest to them. It will not be surprising at all to see you a satisfied person, enjoying a cup of coffee at your new location as soon as the removalists have left after completing their job and you are well set in your new home.

Reasons for satisfaction

There are so many reasons for your satisfaction when you engage professional removalists for moving home in Adelaide.

  • The move will be carried out according to the plan that has been discussed and agreed with you. The removalists in Adelaide ensure that they carry out the activities in the proper sequence that helps to realise the plan without any deviation. And even if they have to deviate, which is quite possible considering the ground reality; it is done only with your concurrence.
  • Timelines will be strictly adhered to so that you can integrate your personal plans with the moving plan without any concern. You can resume your normal daily life at the new location in the way you have envisaged it.
  • Although you might have insured the goods, which is always advisable for any eventuality, there will be no need to spend time for lodging insurance claims as all items will be safely delivered. From costly paintings and artwork to delicate crockery and electronic items – everything would be delivered in the same condition as it had been when packed.

The money you pay to removalists is more than recovered through the reliable and efficient service that they provide which gives you complete peace of mind.

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