Short Term Storage Might Be a Necessity When Moving Home

What will you do if you are caught in a situation when you discover a gap in your living condition after you have planned your move to shift home? May be you are ready to move out but your new home is yet not ready for some reason that is beyond your control? Even the lease of you current apartment might have expired and you are yet to find a new place. Although these are some extreme situations but these are real. This is the reason why you should factor such situations when planning to make a move. The removalist that you engage should be in a position to support you with short term storage in case you find yourself in a situation that is similar to what has been mentioned earlier.

Have a backup plan

If your plan for moving home is considered to be Plan-A then it should be backed by Plan-B, which is temporary short term storage. Since customer satisfaction is the objective of any removalist, it is only natural that they will take into consideration all aspects of customer convenience when offering their services. Wide exposure to various situations have made removalists more learned about customer expectations and this has prompted them to make provisions for encountering any extreme situations that might require a facility for storage of goods for a brief period.

Single window service

It makes good sense to depend on the removalist for arranging the storage as you will be dealing with a single agency that is aware of your needs. Sending goods for short term storage entails multiple handling as goods have to be sent and brought back from the storage to your new home. Such extensive handling can affect the safety of goods which can only be ensured by the removalist whom you have selected after thorough evaluation and entrusted the job only because you have the confidence in them. The facility of short term storage saves you the cost of keeping back the goods at your old home while paying the rent or mortgage charges for two places, as you have to find a new place for staying even without the goods.

Seeing is believing

Have a look at the storage facility before you engage the removalist. Don’t go by their words but check that the storage facility is up to the mark. It has to be safe and secure; the climate has to be cool and dry with proper storing and handling facility that can be accessed whenever you want. Know about the cost that you have to bear and what kind of insurance cover is available for the goods while in storage. Also, check whether you are allowed to use your own locks for storage as this is a practice that prevails in the industry.

If you have to opt for Adelaide short term storage services pay special attention to the inventory list and make sure to tally it at all stages so that you do not end up with missing boxes.